I always think that a software company shouldn’t spend resources to integrate its store to a software license manager. It should be a piece of cake!

That’s why we developed our WooCommerce plugin for your store. If you’re selling your software through a WooCommerce store, KEYZY has a painless integration solution for you. But please continue to read because you’ll see much more than an integration.

#1 How to Integrate

KEYZY WooCommerce Integration

To integrate your WooCommerce store with the KEYZY system, all you need is to install our plugin and add AppKeys to the settings. After that, you’ll see your customer information on your KEYZY admin panel.

#2 Downloads Section

Download - List Products of Your Customers

I know your customers want to see their product details on your store. To achieve that, you just need to create a page and use our


shortcode. That’s it! After that, whenever your customers sign in to your store, they can see their product details there.

#3 Register Your Product Section

register your product feature

If your customers who bought your software from a dealer want to add their product to your store, no problem at all! You just need to create a new page and use



Your customers enter their serial number to the input and click the Submit link. After that, they can see their product on your store. Besides you have a better opportunity to communicate with them as well.

#4 Activations

This is not ready yet but it’s in our backlog! With this feature, your customers will be able to manage their activations.


If you have a WooCommerce store or you’re building one for selling software, KEYZY’s WooCommerce plugin is definitely a must have one.

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