In the 21st century, time management is the most important issue we need to take care of. Successful businesses are aware of that and they focus on what really matters.

When you have a product, you need to solely focus on it. If you have many other tasks to attend to, you’ll be wasting your energy. 

The Report

I read a report by Frost & Sullivan produced in October 2011. It says almost 50% of software companies are using homegrown, self-made licensing solutions. What’s more, %25 of the software companies are not using any licensing solutions. Why? Because not every company is institutional. Their revenue is not million dollars per year and they don’t want to be dependent on an expensive and time-consuming solution. Same is true for Volko.We had to create our own licensing solution and we did, but that wasn’t our main job. 

The Problem

When you finish developing a new product, you want to test it well, before distributing it. At this stage, you need to deal with the licensing part and you need to update some database fields and test if it’s working. You may also notice that you need to add at least one new feature to your licensing solution to better sell your products. Yet what you actually need to take care of is the product itself, not the licensing solution, right? 


That’s why I kept looking for an easy to use and practical service for quite some time. It would save me a lot of time and keep me away from an unnecessary distress. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I found some products, yes, but they were expensive, hard to set up, they needed to be maintained and they had cumbersome packages. 


I’m sure developers have heard this at least once in their lives: “You focus on developing your product and we’ll help you with the rest”. This idea may sound like a cliche but it’s an effective solution. All we need to focus on is our product and the rest should be handled by others. 

Time is Important

Your time is valuable and you make your products more robust if you have the opportunity to work solely on them. That’s why we use services. This way, we pass the responsibility to them and we do what matters to us most.

Photo by Uroš Jovičić on Unsplash

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